Should I sell my home in the Winter?

Homeowners sometimes think that the best and only time to sell is in the spring. Professionals know that any time of year can be a great time to sell and can help you get the best price during any season. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get great results now!

Buyers are plentiful in the winter compared to the available inventory. First, buyers are out there any time of the year. Families with school-aged children may wait until May to move, but there are motivated buyers in life transitions 12 months a year. The good news for sellers in the winter is that there are fewer homes for sale in winter months and therefore less competition. Spring may bring a higher number of overall buyers but the inventory is also much higher and therefore available buyers have more choices. If selling now works for you, then go for it!

Housing prices are flat and not expected to improve. Rates are now over 5% and all market indicators say that rates will continue upward for the foreseeable future. How does this affect housing prices? A 1% rate hike on a $200,000 home adds about $100 per month to the payment. Salaries aren’t keeping up with the rate hikes, which compresses buying power and translates to flat or lower housing prices. Experts say that rates are not coming down and houses prices aren’t rising for the foreseeable future – there’s no better time than now to sell!

Winter selling tips. First and foremost, price it right – in flat or falling markets, like we have today, pricing right becomes especially critical. We are full time, local market experts and can give you up to the minute advice on pricing, staging and presenting your home so that it will sell quickly for the best price. Daytime is short and light is dim in winter so be extra careful to clean those windows, open blinds during showings, turn on porch and walkway lights, and install brighter bulbs throughout the house to show your house to best advantage. Consider turning on the fireplace and turning up the heat to make it cozy and warm inside for showings, maybe even leaving some fresh baked cookies on the counter to evoke that special feeling of HOME. Landscaping and curb appeal can be dull in winter so plant seasonal color in pots and beds around the front of the home, clean gutters, walkways and porches, install a colorful wreath and fresh mat at the front door, and consider over-seeding the lawn with rye grass. Finally, be tastefully understated with your holiday decor and retain the look and feel of a model home – less is more here!

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